Lorelia is the core fantasy setting for Myth Maker. It recently rejoined the rest of the world after over 800 years of isolation caused by a powerful magical anomaly which prevented all travel in or out of the region. Lorelians are now rediscovering an unfamiliar world that their ancestors had once ruled. Will the descendants of the world spanning Arturian Empire be welcomed back into the world, or will they be seen as a threat to the new civilizations that have emerged from its ruins?

Meet the budding empire of Lyrin as it pushes its lands into the newfound territories of Lorelia under the rule of an ancient daemon. Visit Celerra, a land that appears at first to be the legacy of the utopian Arturian Empire, but hides a dark secret of genocide and mysterious curses. Navigate the island riddled waters of Thalassia and the mysterious human-like people who call it home. Face the proud people of Kurin, an ancient empire who remained independent from the Arturian Empire at its height, and whose way of life finds itself at odds with those of Lorelia.

A massive world awaits, and Lorelia is only the first of many settings to discover in Myth Maker! Stay alert for more updates in the coming months!
It's finally ready!
Download the latest version here!

Edit 2.1: New version fixes a few typos and adds the logo!
Edit 2.2: Moved and resized the logo. It looks better now!
Edit 2.3: Added the third set of dots to skills.
Edit 2.4: Major Update! Completely revised graphic design for better printing. Edited for clarity. Fixed typos. Redesigned character sheet.
Edit 2.5: A few minor fixes and edits.

Within this PDF you'll find the complete set of rules needed to play a game of Myth Maker. This release has taken us much longer than anticipated, but we believe the results are worth the delay!

This is a BYOS release. (Bring Your Own Setting) We've been cranking on these rules for a while now, and our settings need a bit of love before we'll be ready to tease you with them.

Give the game a try, and let us know what you think. And most importantly: have fun!
We may be quiet, but we're still hard at work preparing the next full Myth Maker alpha for release. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some of the more interesting changes.
Get the PDF here!
As always, we look forward to hearing your comments and criticisms!

In order to make the game design more cohesive, we've changed how attributes are assigned. Instead of choosing "balanced" arrays, players are free to assign an appropriate value to each attribute. Attributes now only range from 7-9, and guidance is given to make the attribute assignment process easy and intuitive.

With the previous skill training system, it wasn't always clear to a player which skill rank a character should have. We've come up with a new system that associates each "rank" of the skill with a different kind of character development. We feel this design simplifies the process of determining a character's skill.

The combat system has seen the most extensive changes with this update. We've removed damage rolls completely. The damage an attack deals is based entirely on the situation, which means both the attacker and defender can know how dangerous an attack will be before the dice are even rolled. Characters protect themselves from attacks a little differently too.
We've restructured how weapons and armor work. Weapons play with damage types, depending on how they are used. Armors are simpler than before, and are mostly valuable for protecting a character from weapons.
Going forward, there probably won't be a discrete list of combat maneuvers in Myth Maker. We feel the core mechanic is designed to facilitate player creativity, and maneuvers are easy to improvise.
As we develop Myth Maker, one of my constant concerns is that our rules are easily digestible. To date, our releases haven't lived up to my expectations. So, I'm finally biting the bullet, and have started learning and working in a new (better!) software package.

Unfortunately, working in a new software environment is a temporary setback, so the next full Myth Maker package won't be available for a while yet. In the interim, I thought I'd present you with a teaser of what the new design will look like.
Get it here!

Let me know if you love it or hate it, and why!
Part of Alpha 2 is available for download!
Get it Here!

These rules are incomplete! There's lots of awesome stuff in here... But if you're not already familiar with the game and how it works, I wouldn't consider this a fully playable release. We're mostly rushing this out so that some of our more dedicated play-testers can use the new material.

Have fun!

EDIT: Grab the new character sheet too!
Get it here...

The new skill system is finally ready for play! Skills completely replace training talents with a more granular and better-defined system. The rules aren't long or complicated, and they cover anything you could ever want a character to be good at.

Get it here... (It's the same document as Skills...)
People change all the time, especially when dealing with crazy adventures, impossible obstacles, and overwhelming odds. These are some guidelines for how to implement changes to your character.

Updated Character Sheet
Get it here...
With the release of the Skills system, the game has progressed enough to deserve an updated character sheet design with...
  • A new Skills block. So you can use the new skill system...
  • Fewer Talent blocks. Because the role that Talents play is changing. In the future, we'll release an updated talent system. For now, just use Talents to represent character abilities that would be impossible otherwise (i.e. magic, superhuman powers, technological enhancements, etc.).
  • A prettier triangle. Because more lines! Use the small sections to record each stat's base value, and the large sections to record current values, temporary modifiers, damage, expenditures, etc..

We hope you enjoy this release, and we look forward to your feedback!
Core Mechanic Update (Round 2...)!
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The previous upload was missing the opposition rules. I've uploaded a new version. Sorry for the mistake!
This time around we're sharing a new writeup of the core mechanic. As with the social system update, this isn't a complete version of the game - it's just some of the progress we've been making lately.

Stuff you need to know...
This update invalidates a bit more of the 1.4 alpha. Specifically, talents have been totally changed. The only talents from the 1.4 alpha that remain compatible with this core mechanic are Training talents that give a +2 bonus on certain checks.

Let us know what you think...
As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Social Interactions Update!
Get it Here!
Despite how quiet things have been, we've been hard at work developing the next release of Myth Maker. It's just chock full of cool new stuff, but it's not ready yet. We're desperate to get this new stuff into your hands though, so we've put together a small social interaction supplement you can plug into the current 1.4 Alpha rules.

This also includes a few notes about changes to the core rules, though these won't have much impact on your games yet.

Have fun, and let us know what you think! Playtesting and feedback is an integral part of our development process. I'd like to issue a heartfelt "Thank You!" to all of our current and previous testers, as well as everyone else who offered feedback and advice. We're taking it all to heart, and using it to improve our next Myth Maker release.
Myth Maker Core Rules
Current Version: Alpha 1.4 - Get It Here!
Play for fun! If you have questions, comments, criticisms, or compliments, post on our forums!

  • Character Creation (individuals and organizations)
  • Core Mechanics
  • Story Module
  • Combat Module
  • Social Module
  • Shamayim (mini-setting)
  • Ahrad (mini-setting)
  • Character Sheets
Coming Soon:
  • Rules for size differences (in the Combat Module)
  • Rules for recovering from attribute damage (in the Core Mechanics)
  • An analysis of the variable "Scope" of checks (in the Core Mechanics)
  • Numerous edits and clarifications
Farther Down the Pipeline:
  • Energy Modules (Magic, Vitality, Cybernetics, and Nanotech)
  • Warfare Module (rules for mass combat)
  • Vehicle Module (rules for creating and using tanks, boats, etc.)
  • And much more...
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Also check out the Myth Maker News backlog for more insights into our development. You'll find all these articles there, as well as numerous smaller updates.