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How clear are the rules for the core combat system?

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  1. Our first community poll is asking the most important question: how clear are the first set of rules?

    Feel free to post any additional feedback below.
  2. Short version: So far, the only suggestion I have is that disarming should allow choice between dropping, throwing, or taking.

    Long version: I noticed in the Ogre Battle rules, under Disarm, it states that if you master the check, the weapon falls into the adjacent space of your choice, but if you just succeed -hmmm, sounds weird when stated that way- the weapon needs to be readied again before use. Is this to suggest that on a successful disarm, I take the weapon, whereas on a master disarm, I just knock it out of their hands? That seems backwards to me, but I suppose it goes with the situation. In most combat situations, at least from my understanding, the first instinct is to remove the weapon, so making the opponent drop it first and taking it second seems to make more sense to me. However, a trained fighter, especially an unarmed one, would probably take the weapon, making the first description logical. Perhaps on a master check from a trained fighter, they could instead take the weapon and use it without need to ready. This of course assumes the disarmer is not armed. Obviously, taking the weapon is impractical if you are already armed, so forcing the opponent to drop it is preferable. This does not include the possibility of dual-wielding, which just leads to a horrible horrible remainder of the day:

    Thug: That dagger is no match for my swo... eh!

    Thief: Hey, that's pretty nice balance on the shaft there... parry dagger, thrust sword. Parry, thrust, parry, thrust...

    Thug: Gimme tha-

    Thief: Parry!

    Thug: Ah! My pinky!

    Thief: Thrust!

    Also, I do like how you denote "body part" under attack. I always find it funny when I use an unarmed attack and declare a kick or elbow or headbutt instead of a punch, and then it takes 20 minutes to look up the damage for that when the rules clearly state, "Unarmed attack: d3".
  3. Disarm, if succeeded but not mastered, simply knocks the weapon out of balance, or something similar. The disarmed opponent still is holding the weapon, just not in a way it can be used effectively. He could still make improvised attacks with it though. And he only needs a simple draw action to get it back into position.

    Edit: I suppose this means the rules for the disarm action might need to be clarified a bit.
  4. Ah! So it was supposed to read something like, "The attacker must ready the weapon to attack again." That makes more sense.

    Wait... darn it! That means I can't their weapon right off the bat, even on a mastered check. Ah well. That's what talents are for.
  5. Er, I meant, "The target", not "The attacker".

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