NEWS Core Setting Guide: Lorelia Part 1

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  1. The Confederacy of Lorelia

    The Founding of Lorelia
    In 451 AT, the magelords of all but two of the world's nations met at the Temple of the Godking on Archon Hill in New Erras to sign the Treaty of Lorel after centuries of conflict. These four founding fathers of Lorelia were Uriel Dragonnen IV of Iona, Barrus Remorhan I of Gornia, Natasha Cerberon of Texton, and Landus Gorgonis VI of Behiron. The dweorg nation of Dengar, the Syrahallon of Par Syrah, and the Owatawa of Anajota would later be amended to the treaty, but without magelords representing their interests in New Erras, they would hold almost no political power in Lorelia.

    The Fall of Batholis
    275 years later, in the year 726 AT, Iona sent troops into Behiron after Batholis fell to an invading army from its own past. In 407 AT, half a century before the founding of Lorelia, the Gorgonis family had invaded Batholis and took the city from the Behiron, the now extinct mageblood family of the same name as the nation they ruled. According to legend, the Behiron magelords had used powerful magic to turn entire platoons of the invaders into stone. Over time these stories became myth, and the army of statues were moved to decorate the Gorgonis' Royal Palace. The now ruling Gorgonis family had no time to react when the statues came back to life almost 300 years later to continue their invasion. Ionan troops have eliminated most of these ancient soldiers, but they haven't been able to bring order to the city as other mageblood families fight for control.

    The Miasma Spreads
    Since the Tearing, which separated the land that is now Lorelia from the rest of the world, a deadly cloud has been seeping out of the mountains of Dengar. Its inhabitants have stubbornly refused to leave their mountain top cities that rise above the toxic cloud, but its continual expansion into Gornia, Anajota, and Texton, have all but cut them off from the outside world. Spigot, the capital of Texton, sits at the very edge of the Miasma. Its desperate attempts to find a way to halt its progress have spurred a technological revolution. Factories in Spigot create complicated alchemical machines designed to deflect the toxic clouds and defend against the horrific creatures that emerge from within. As a result, the first few firearms, weapons capable of firing magical or alchemical materials, are being manufactured and distributed to those in Lorelia that can afford them. The repercussions of this have yet to be seen, but the magelords fear what would happen if such powerful devices were put in the hands of rich merchants or criminals who might otherwise be unable to threaten their legitimacy.

    The Watcher
    The edges of Lorelia end in cliffs that fall into an impenetrable darkness called the Void, but not all of the Void is at the end of the world. Sometimes, vertical Tears run down through the ground to create round pits a mile or more in diameter. Near these giant chasms one can see the shimmering auras of the world's magical life force as it falls into oblivion. Sometimes this energy condenses into void crystals. These are harvested at great peril for their stored aether. Just north of Rill, the capital of Gornia, one such chasm runs through an iron mine owned by Meldon Mining and Refining. When the Tear mysteriously closed, leaving behind a wealth of void crystals, the company began shifting all its resources to selling this new good. Nobody sent near the pit ever returned, and soon after, miners started disappearing in droves. The entire mining industry in Rill is was soon abandoned and the economy of the city, and the nation, began collapsing. The common people were terrified, but the magelords and the scholars at Halifut University in Rill remain too preoccupied with what could have closed the Tear in the first place to investigate the rumors of creatures emerging from the depths. The dweorgs claim the mines hold a Watcher, the most feared monster from their ancient lore.

    The Secret of the Syrallon
    Far away from the rest of the Lorelia sits Par Syrah, an isolationist nation that only the Syrallon call home. These people, who claim to be elves, originally hail from the faraway country of Celerra, but have been cut off from their homeland since the Tearing. Par Syrah was the first nation to be founded in the region, some believe as early as 100 AT, but it is also the slowest to grow. When the nation agreed to open its borders to the other races in 642 AT, few were willing to make the journey across Anajota to see the mysterious city of Horandel. That changed after Batholis fell and refugees fled for the other nations. Those who arrived at Par Syrah were coldly turned away. Whispers came back of a nation under martial law and consumed by paranoia. What the rest of Lorelia doesn't know is that the Syrallon are suffering from a number of degenerative magical afflictions brought about by disturbances caused by the Tear and from defects emerging from the limited population they grew from. Being magical creatures connected to the Otherworld, but not from the Otherworld, the Syrallon are a mystery even to themselves. If they don't unlock the secrets to their heritage and their history they may die off completely, or worse, become something monstrous.

    The Tear Closes
    In 726 AT, a dating system that has been used to measure the time since the Tearing, the world shakes yet again and the Tear closes for good. Lorelia is once again connected to the rest of the world. Calceton finds itself overlooking an unknown sea rather than the Void. The Jahara set out on pilgrimages into the desert to find their holy land Ahrad. The Owatawa set out to the West in search of the Painted Desert. Iona recalls its troops from Behiron and shifts its focus on national defense against the unknown. Gornia goes silent as Paetris Remorhan and Cedrith Remorhan II threaten to bring the country to civil war over the crown after the mysterious death of their father, Geraden Remohan III. Texton breathes a sigh of relief as the Miamsa backs away from its borders. The entire nation stands in shock as Artanis appears in the sky as a floating city carrying upon it a population of ancient Arturian survivors.

    Prince, Lord of Lyrin, prepares the armies he has amassed over 800 years of plotting to invade what was once the Inner City of Arturia. Now it calls itself Lorelia. Farther south, the Kingdom of Kurin mourns the closing of the Tear 4 years after it was predicted by the oracles to close. In the distant North, Celerra continues its war against the Syrallon elves without taking much notice to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Magnar dweorgs begin their calculations for when the Old God will recover from its wounds and once again begin to harvest of all live on the planet.
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