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Discussion in 'Myth Maker Discussion' started by Ryuyth, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. I'm hoping to do my first playtest tonight with a couple of friends. I only have one question on my first read-through of the rules.

    The "Guard" action says "you can perform a Block, Parry, Dodge, or CounterManeuver reaction in response to a reaction taken by an opponent." But it's not actually technically a "reaction," right, since those are only during the opposing team's turn? What it means is that if your teammate does an action and your enemy reacts to it, you can react to that reaction as your action? Is that right?

    Also, I noticed a couple of typos: 2.5 under Attack: "you score a hit and deals." 2.8 under Disarm: "the must be readied again".
  2. That is correct. The Guard action lets you use your action to perform a reaction, so it IS a reaction, it's just a reaction to a reaction... Usually, you use Guard when you're doing some movement that provokes a counterattack, or an ally does something and you want to protect him from the counterattack.

    Thanks for pointing out the typos. We'll get them fixed asap.
  3. Thanks! Also, I might have missed it, but how much stamina do we start with for the playtest?
  4. Stamina equals Body plus Spirit. It should be covered in the section on attributes and resources.

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