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  1. Our updates and releases may have been a bit slow lately, but I assure you we're still hard at work! The work has changed a bit though. This week I'm sharing some of what we've been doing - to keep you all in the proverbial loop.

    When we initially released the Core Rules, we intended to move directly into development of new rule-modules and additional content. That hasn't happened yet. Instead, we've been spending our time playing and revising the core rules. We're happy with much of the current design, but there are a number of little quirks and foibles that call out for attention.

    As you may have also noticed, we ran our first "Play With the Devs" event just yesterday. It was a great success, and I'll be posting some session notes and "the story thus far" soon. We learned some important things, which I'll discuss below.

    Play! Join! Discuss!
    We need your help! We spend hours every day working on Myth Maker, but we can't do it alone. We need players to bring insights, criticisms, questions, etc. We're trying to make the game you want to play, so tell us what you want! I also want to offer my deep personal gratitude to all of you who have contributed thus far. i sincerely thank you for your time and your thoughts. Your input is far more helpful and meaningful than you may realize!

    Missing Pieces
    Release versions Alpha 1.0 through Alpha 1.2 have a major flaw: There are no entries describing how Training or Boosting actually work. I have uploaded a new version (Alpha 1.3) that contains these entries. I offer my sincere apologies to everyone who downloaded an incomplete version of the game. You can get the updated version here.
    The current version of the Core Rules is only 12 pages long, but those pages are incredibly dense. We want these rules to be more accessible and better explained. We are currently working on a new version (Alpha 2.0) that will have a more approachable layout. This new single-column design will be broken up with sidebars containing explanations, examples, developer insights, and more.

    The State of the Game
    In this part of the update, I'm going to take you through each section of the Core Rules. I'll tell you our thoughts about it, and where our development is leaning.

    Character Creation
    Overall we're happy with the characters Myth Maker supports, but the character creation process itself can be rather daunting. Interestingly, we've noticed new players (i.e. not us devs) find character creation easier than we do. We are working to refine the process a bit more and offer better instructions for new and experienced players alike.

    Story Module
    The current story rules are very new. We had the inspiration for them maybe a week before the release of the Core Rules. We're pretty happy with the current story module, but it is largely untested. We need a lot more actual play time and (hopefully) feedback from other players before we'll know for sure if this is a good system, or if we need to go back to the drawing board.

    Combat Module
    The combat module is the most-tested part of the game, but a few central components are quite new. The change to using Body for combat reactions has had some interesting fallout on other parts of the combat system. Still, we aren't currently focusing a lot of development time on combat. As we refine other parts of the game and get feedback from players, we'll use that information to decide whether combat needs a significant revisit.

    Social Module
    The current social system is what saw the most play during yesterday's "Play With the Devs" event. We were extremely satisfied with how the system worked, but we also noticed a few flaws. The next release of the Core Rules (or possibly an earlier minor update) will be including some new fixes. We believe the social system is of paramount importance to the success of Myth Maker. We will be watching it closely, and doing internal testing to ensure it gives good results and a quality play experience.

    Settings and World-Building Tools
    We're working on a variety of setting-specific tools and resources. I can't say a lot about this yet, but there's exciting stuff in the works. In the meantime, we're playing in Shamayim and Ahrad using the content provided in the Core Rules.

    Additional Rule Modules
    We have several additional rule modules in progress, including things like Skills, Vehicles, Warfare, Size Differences, and more. Our development isn't focused on these right now, but we add to them as we get ideas or inspirations. We'll release each of these as they become playable.
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