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  1. “When the sun looms above, casting its light upon the lands beneath, the world appears as an unblemished whole before us, an eternal place of life and hope. Yet, as the sun dips behind the mountains, then, below the waves, and shimmering lines reveal themselves against the darkening sky, we are once again reminded that our world is broken. It is the haunting beauty of the night, the luminescent cracks which run across the surface of the heavens, tracing their winding paths across the moon, between the stars, and finally down, down onto the lands beneath, through the ancient chasms torn asunder in their wake. It is in this darkness, under that soft glow which spills out from the tears in the land and sky, in our minds and souls, that we are reminded anew of the fate of all things, of our own mortality, and of that beauty which comes but for a moment between eternities.”- Beoris, ~24 AT

    It's been seven hundred years since Beoris wrote these words in the first of his many chronicles and poems describing the post-apocalyptic lands that would eventually be known as Lorelia. Born and educated in the great Arturian Empire, Beoris wrote the first and only written works the world would know for centuries. If it wasn't for Beoris, Lorelia may not have a developed a united language and culture.

    “All of my travels and all of my journals serve but one purpose; a record of this new world presented as tribute to the memory of my father and of fathers to come so that loving sacrifice upon the altar of education need not be made in the vain hope that tomorrow be mere repetition of yesterday.” – Beoris, ~32 AT

    A new crisis looms upon us as the Tear closes and we find ourselves once again but a small piece in a much greater world. Before the Tearing, our land was the Inner City of the Arturian Empire. Now we are the Lorelian Confederacy, an alliance of autonomous states grasping for peace. Will we lose ourselves now that the world is whole again?

    “When ones world is sundered, rendering the familiar into the unfamiliar, the task set before them is to pick up the pieces and try, once again, to make sense of them. This is what is meant by exploration, for exploration is always a journey of self-discovery undertaken by one who seeks the familiar in the unfamiliar.” – Beoris, ~22 AT

    For the first time since the Tearing, we're left wondering what to do. Can we still turn to Beoris to give us context? Should we seek more ancient wisdom? Perhaps we should do what Beoris did and create a new foundation to build upon. If so, then I can only hope that someone is up to the task.
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