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  1. What is the Myth Maker triangle and how does it work?

    Three Attributes
    The three inner divisions of our triangle represent a character's attributes: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

    Why have attributes? Some game systems have more or different attributes, other systems eschew attributes entirely. We decided to include attributes partly because they are a common game element that most players will already be familiar with. We also like how attributes provide a simple way to differentiate characters from each other.

    Why Mind, Body, and Spirit? As we worked through early versions of the game, we settled upon three kinds of activities that we felt were central to the roleplaying experience we wanted to provide in Myth Maker: combat encounters, social interactions, and skill challenges. Our attribute system evolved over time to loosely match the activities we envisioned for characters. As it progressed we analyzed each potential division and combination of these attributes and we feel that the Mind, Body, Spirit trio is ideal for Myth Maker.

    What do they represent?
    represents a character's ability to perform physical feats of strength and endurance. It also represents the amount of physical damage a character can take before their body dies.
    Mind represents a character's ability to solve complex problems and perform quick and precise actions. it also represents the amount of mental damage a character can take before they become brain dead.
    Spirit represents a character's strength of will, determination, and gravitas. It also represents the amount of spiritual damage a character can take before their spirit is extinguished.

    Three Resources
    The three outer divisions of our triangle represent a character's resources: Ability, Stamina, and Willpower.

    Why have resources? All games have resources, but not every game has discrete resources like these. Myth Maker's resource system is an attempt to distill resource management into a single unified mechanic. Each resource represents what one might find as the core resource in another game. In Myth Maker, all of a character's limited-use abilities have a cost in one of these core resources. This lets us give characters a wide array of tactical choices without adding very much complexity to the game. It also helps us keep options somewhat balanced against each other.

    Why Ability, Stamina, and Willpower? These resources represent one of the more organic elements of our game design. We already had the three attributes, and we needed some kind of resource. After several variations, we settled on adding attribute pairs together to create a trio of resources. This ultimately led to the creation of the Myth Maker triangle. On the triangle, each resource is the sum of its two adjoining attributes. We named the resources carefully so they can be interpreted as an expression of either adjoining attribute.

    How are they used?
    protects a character from physical exhaustion and Body damage. Stamina is used for techniques that require endurance or resilience.
    Ability protects a character from mental stress and Mind damage. Ability is used for techniques that requires power or precision.
    Willpower protects a character from spiritual trauma and Spirit damage. Willpower is used for techniques that requires determination or charisma.
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