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  1. I'm wondering if the recover action needs more explanation. There's a great disparity between the timescale in the game and the power of the action. If resting 2 stamina can take 10 seconds or 2 hours it'd make sense to always rest fully towards the end of an encounter.

    It hasn't been a problem yet with none in my group paying too much attention to the flow of their resources. But we've never actually run out of them either.

    I'm thinking that I would rule it that resources lost in a superior time-dimension put a cap on how much you can recover in a lesser one. But I'm not sure if the intention isn't that you're supposed to be able to top-off at the end of scenes. But maybe it's even supposed to be limited by some in-fiction means. I don't know!

    So what is the intention behind the mechanic?
  2. The intent is really just to have characters start each "scene" with full resources, while not actually dividing the gameplay up into discrete scenes.

    In earlier versions, we had rules governing scenes, but they always felt clunky and unnecessary.

    We replaced those rules with the recover action to give players more freedom while retaining the same basic structure.

    If you're playing with large-scale actions that use up an individual's resources, you have the freedom to use your judgement in how that might affect small-scale events. You could limit max resources, use separate pools, or do whatever else feels right in the particular situation.
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  3. Got it! Thanks for the quick reply :)

    I'll just use what suits the setting.

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